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Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, the journey of the MBA student was straightforward.  You chose a b-school, did some case studies, found an internship, earned your degree, and then went on to a career in investment banking or consulting.

IMG_2770(Shannon)(mr)Today things are different.  Many students are now motivated not just by money but by mission, and business school skills are increasingly being put to work for social causes.  The plain old bottom line has evolved into the triple-bottom-line.  There are more career choices than ever for MBAs, but the entrepreneurial, non-profit and save-the-world companies don’t usually know they need MBA students… and their salaries hardly even chip away at those massive student loans.

Today’s MBA students embark on the perilous journey from career to school and back to career, searching for fulfillment in that elusive job that generates value without sacrificing values.  And MBArk is here to help.

Our mission is simply this: to connect forward-thinking, triple-bottom-line-focused MBA students with similarly progressive companies and industries, and to help them succeed in their new careers by equipping them with real-world knowledge.